Our langoustines are bought super fresh from the Celestial Dawn and taste amazing in any starter or main course. 



Net-Caught Langoustines

  • Storage

    The langoustines will keep fine in the fridge for a couple of days, covered with a damp cloth. Even if they die in the fridge you will get another 2-3 days from them before cooking. If you want to freeze them – blanch for 2 mins in boiling  water, allow to cool and then freeze.

    Make sure their eyes are bright, there is little smell and  they are bright orange in colour.



    To be more humane, place the langoustines in the freezer for 20 minutes before cooking them, this puts them to sleep before cooking.

    Fresh langoustines need roasting or boiling before pulling the tail meat from their shells. In the larger langoustines there is some meat in the claws as well.



    Place whole langoustines in cold  well-salted water and bring up to the boil then remove.  Remove the langoustines from the pan. Let them cool naturally as rinsing in cold water will wash all the lovely flavour away.



    They are delicious served with just a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of mayonnaise, garlic butter or alïoli, but can also be added to curry, pasta or paella. Pre-boiled langoustines should be reheated gently; don't re-cook them or they'll toughen. Alternatively, eat pre-boiled langoustines cold in a salad with a vinegar dressing.

    Alternatively, deep-fry them in batter, or peel and poach them and make traditional  Scampi Provençal.



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