Wrack (100g) - Deep green seaweed providing natural flavour enhancement and a nutritional hit, making it perfect for boosting smoothies and including in biscuits and breads.

Atlantic Wakame (75g) - A cousin of the famous Asian wakame. Use this olive green seaweed to add smooth texture and subtle flavour to soups or rehydrate in cold water to liven up a salad.

Dulse (60g) - A vibrant purple seaweed with a complex savoury flavour that makes it a perfect addition to sauces or butters and an exquisite seasoning for eggs, meat and fish.

This dried seaweed trio includes 1 x 100g pot of Wrack, 1 x 75g pot of Atlantic Wakame and 1 x 60g pot of Dulse.

Dried Seaweed Pots

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